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The College of Midwifery department conducted a Mother Class Program as part of their requirements in their Clinical Practicum-RLE at Barangay Agbannawag Health Unit in collaboration with Rural Health Unit 4, headed by Doc. Antonette Hazel D. Sarol. The attendees are twelve (12) pregnant mothers as the main participants of the said activity, and five (5) staff of Agbannawag Health Station headed by Ms. Anita P. Bacuyag, a rural health midwife in the area who facilitated the open forum, Hon. Reymundo Alwing, Brgy. Captain who delivered the opening remarks, 5 RHU-4 staff, and Doc. Ceasaria Mosing-Abbacan, a dentist, emphasized the importance of dental check-ups during pregnancy, while Ms. Mylyn Angngad, a public health nurse, discussed the first 1000 days of a child. Opening and closing prayers were led by selected midwifery interns. The program, delivered by midwifery interns, covered topics such as danger signs of pregnancy, prenatal care importance, breastfeeding advantages and disadvantages, immunoization, and family planning. The program ended with the closing remarks given by Doc. Antonette Hazel D. Sarol, Rural Health Unit 4-Physician. The program was completed.

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